Netlink Ltd is a technology based company in Rwanda aimed in provision of 4G Internet Services, software development, web development, mobile apps, Bulk SMS, USSD, fibre optic, networking, CCTV cameras installation and other IT related service with over 5 years of operation.

Our vision is to be a successful global information technology company, trusted by its customers for quality and excellence service, caring for its employees and collaborating with our customers to deliver innovative and value driven ICT products and services.

Our mission is to build a strong and respected brand associated with being a trusted corporate strategy advisory that will synonymous with improving and solving the clients’ business challenges through technology change and innovation.

Our Services


Our 4G internet packages are the fastest and most reliable across Rwanda.


We develop and offer USSD codes with a customer relationship management (CRM) system which can help you do sms marketting, online selling, data collection and many more...


We offer Bulk SMS system that can send 100,000 sms at ago by just clicking one button.


We develop custom, mobile and desktop application for organizations in all popular programming languages.


We offer efficient fibre optic internet to our clients with huge data transmission.


We offer networking services for clients who need local network systems.


We offer realtime CCTV Camera Installation.


We offer live video conferencing for corporates and other agency conferences.


We do local server installation for company with huge data transmission.

Our Products

4G Internet Packages

Office or Home Wireless Router

Portable Wireless Routers

Wireless Extension Bands

4G Mara Smartphones

CCTV Cameras

All Types Routers

Server Related Equipments

Message From C.E.O

It is a bit boring and irritating when you cannot check out your social media pages, download your videos, documents or Google at ease due to slow internet, Well, Netlink Ltd is here to keep you connected, anywhere, at all time.

Netlink is a Telecommunication Company that was founded by young entrepreneurs and registered in 2015, with the purpose of escalating the Internet Service delivery to users including; Individuals, Corporates, NGOs and Government Institutions.

Our internet services are good and quick. We offer services like 4G Lte, Fiber, Fixed Wireless Broadband, IP TV and CCTV Camera. We provide monthly data depending on different packages (both limited and unlimited data bundles) of your various afforbable prices.

We aim at being the outstanding company that provides fast internet in Rwanda. Our customers matter a lot to us, we do our best to hear their feedback, and we keep on improving our services more often to the best of their expectations.

Our company has a netlink service lever and is equipped with engineers in all districts of Rwanda, who are in charge of connecting new customers and support the existing ones in case there is need to.

NetLink Team

Francois Nzabonimpa - Chief Executive Officer

Francois is a businessman with more than 15 years of experience in the field of ICT. As NetLink C.E.O he leads the NetLink Team towards achieving it goals.

Lionel Gasore- Managing Director

Lionel is a Manager with vast experience in the field of business management having worked as a manager for over 5 years.He is a key personnel in Netlink operations team.

Peter Kamau -Software Developer

Peter has broad knowledge base in the field of Software Development with over 5 years experience in web development, android and ios mobile application development.

Our Projects

LinkApp Project

A social media platform that enables you to connect with the rest of the world while at the same time enabling e-commerce for free.

LinkApp Features Include
~ Chat

This feature enables LinkApp Users to chat with other users. In addition it enables sharing of documents or files, audio, videos, user location and phone recording.

~ Group Chats

With this feature , the user can create a group chat forum where he or she broadcast messages, images, videos, audios and phone recordings to all other members of that group.

~ e-Market

This feature allows users to post products inform of image graphics or videos. The products will be available to all other users of the application including those whom you dont have contacts with. In addition the users can be able to view, like and comment in a given post.

~ User Profile

This feature enables users to view their previous posts,share the app, edit profile name, request verification,rate the app and log out incase one want to switch to another number.

Darasa Project

Darasa is a partnership project for NetLink Rwanda Ltd and Tech Cube Ltd which is a school digital platform that enables teachers to teach, record students data via smartphone and generate school reports on real time.

Darasa Features Include
~ Lesson Plan

This feature enables teachers to prepare lesson plan in advance,they can also print it in the online portal for using it during classtime

~ Class Attendance

With Darasa app a teacher can check and record calss attendance for the students.

~ Class Assignments

This feature enable teachers to create assignments and record techers marks which can be printed at the portal.

~ Class Reports

This feature enables teachers to select and generate various class reports like class performance, class attendance and class participation among others.

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